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and the market bounces back from the worst one-day decline and now our attention turns to technology. as intel and yahoo shows an increase. >> are red flags being raised on one part of the recovery. >> and gold rush, what are individuals doing now with the metal's prices fl s fluctuating. i'm bill, in for tyler matheson, another big day for the markets. but we have two numbers that will set the tone for tomorrow. >> we are talking technology now for a change. a tale of two different earnings stories. yahoo surged 36% and intel fell 26%. they are the first batch of conditi companies reporting. intel earned 40% a share. revenues fell 2% to $12.6 billion, slightly better than expected. but the company said that revenues in the current quarter will come in higher than forecast, so their shares jumped as much as 2% after trading. yahoo earned a 38% a share. 14 cents more than expected and revenues came in below estimates at $1 billion and the company reported a drop in display advertising. yahoo shares tumbled in after hours trading. >>> on the heels of the mixed results, there's another technology
to be proactive in disrupting plots. fifth, we need new technology. we are seeing cameras and local communities, sensors. we will probably seek a fierce debate in the united states about commercial drones and how active those can be, and trying to make sure civil liberties and protections for our civil liberties and civil rights are set up so that we can use them or may not be able to use them. >> that, of course, is always a balance. what is the time frame you are looking at now? >> 50 forensics is under way. the search for seized -- the forensics is under way. the search for cc tv is under way. it could take a long, long time, especially if someone has made it out of the country or has been very careful in how they have done this. it is very open-ended and very difficult to predict. >> and no one has claimed responsibility. i'm afraid i will have to leave it there. thank you for coming in. there will be more than 30 marathons around the world next weekend, and the events in boston have implications globally. insiston, organizers that the marathon will go ahead, but with a massive 36,000 runne
about police technology now. suppose they look at a series of photographs and they have identified somebody and suppose they can get a picture of a face. what do you do now? >> we have a facial recognition --. >> rose: what is that? >> well, facial recognition is something in our realtime crime center. it'sg.ev everne's learning it as we do this but they use certain commuter models but also it takes a visual talent to take out people. you do it from certain angles, that sort of thing. we just had a case where they identified the individual. the ma souza burnings that went on if you remember. this was a week or so ago where we had a picture of an individual, it was a little grainy. >> rose: didn't know who he was. >> didn't know who he was. we were able to identify him based on facial recognition. so it's very challenging. the people who are doing it are learning to a certain extent as they go forward. the they're a talented group and we are becoming increasingly successful in our efforts to use it. >> rose: as a result of this happening at the boston marathon how will the new york
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)